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Static Website Development

A static website has multiple web-pages with the fixed contents where every page displays the similar information to every user/visitor. The pages of a static website contain fixed HTML code along with the contents of every page does not change unless manually updated by the webmaster or designer.
Static websites are the most normal and basic type of portals. They are built by building a few HTML pages with contents and images & few links and uploading them to an online server. It can work quite well for smaller sites or portals with a few content updates and short life.


Easier to create and host
Cost effect as compared to dynamic website
Quicker to build and design
Easy to modify with a few HTML coding
Well suited to smaller companies which don’t need regular content updates

At DIGITAL ADS INDIA, we provide you the well-organized and state of the art platform in terms of Static Website Development. Our professional static site is an easiest and reasonable way to give the best business deals for startup & small companies and promote their small products along with services.

Our experienced developers and designer have proficiency to understand the client’s requirements. We tried to put everything on the website with the best look and feel. It helps the visitors to reach every page and related content.
Through a static website, you can showcase your information, services, and products in a very effective way. It is the most cost-effective means for online product advertising. Such websites are suitable where updating of products and services are not required. These websites are most suitable for downloading images, PDFs, brochures etc. Static websites are quite easy to navigate and browser.


With the perspective of your users in mind, we design smart, creative concepts that offer all your visitors, and optimal user experience. The designers in our team master their profession and know better than anyone to translate your vision into a look & feel that appeals to your ideal client.
We always try to look beyond the latest web techniques and popular design trends. Our static website designs stand out because they reflect the essence of your brand. And seamlessly connect with what your visitors need. With which you can realize your online ambitions and achieve your goals. We like that here.
Do you also want to offer your visitors the best possible online experience?
Let’s work together!

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